Yasmin’s drawing competition

About Yasmin’s EB foundation

After Yasmin passed away on September 28th,2012, Eng. Mohamed el Sawy owner of Al Sawy Culture Wheel Center organized a memorial event for Yasmin El Samra the youngest Artist in Egypt and whom she did three drawing exhibitions at the center in 2007,2009 and 2011.
He offered a day for a drawing competition under the name of Yasmin Elsamra Arts for children age five to 15 years old.
We started first drawing competition by the year September 2014 with 40 young artists each with 2 drawings and the exhibition stayed for 10 days and after , there is a celebration party for choosing the first 3 winners gifted from El Sawy Culture Wheel Center and 3 gifted from Yasmin Elsamra foundation.
Yasmin el Samra Foundation spread awareness about EB to all normal children and their familes who participated in the event.
Year after year, number of participant children increases till they reach 120 child with 240 drawings added to them five EB children who have the drawing and colouring talent. They win as well and feel so happy they achieved something good in their life.