Monthly expenses

Services of foundation

I would like to thank my family and friends who supported and donated for Yasmin elsamra charity foundation for epidermolysis bullosa children in Egypt….
Yasmin foundation cares for more than 120 EB cases all over Egypt since 2014 from new born till age of 38 yrs old and number is increasing…
We pay medical expenses for 75 cases which costs L.E. 3,900.00 to L.E.5,000.00 /month
We pay dentist fees L.E. 10,000.00 to
L.E. 17,000.00 per case (we have 4 cases treated now)
We pay doctors half fees when patient go to investigate..
We pay bandages , net , creams, and all necessary medicines for children.
(Each case costs between L.E.500.00 to L.E.1,000.00 per month depends on how severe the disease)
We pay for blood transfusion for patients suffering from anaemia..
(We have at least ten cases).
We pay for hand operations to separate their bended fingers ..each costs between L.E. 7000 to L.E.20,000.00 according to the situation. We have almost 14 cases and will start after Eid isa.
We pay for hormone analysis and the medicine..cost of L.E.1,400.00 per each case..Dermatologist request this analysis for age 11 and over.
We pay whatever we feel needed to them to reduce their pain specially when we have new born babies come from poor families..