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Yasmin's Message

My name is Yasmin El Samra, I was born in 1997, I am Egyptian.
My mother Hanaa El Sadat and I prepared this website so that I can tell you all about my life and the things I did. My mother will also tell you about our experience with Epidermolysis Bulllosa (EB), a rare skin disease I was born with that caused severe problems with my skin. Very few people have this disease and that is why not many parents know about it, especially about how to deal with it. It is a lot of effort but my mum and I do not let it stop me from having fun and doing the things that are good for me.   

The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something

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Let me first tell you a bit about me.
My family is made up of my father Amr who is an ophthalmologist or an eye doctor, my mother Hanaa El Sadat takes care of me and volunteers in several NGOs, my elder brother Aly and my twin brothers Hassan and Hussein .
We live in Egypt, you know, where the Pyramids and the Nile are. As a matter of fact I live in Cairo, the capital.
I have a lot to tell you about my life that I lived with faith and happiness. I enjoyed my school at the German School in Dokki (DEO), my drawing exhibitions and my success.
I have always had faith in God, and I know that my being in this world is for a reason so I reached a conclusion ’’I KNOW THAT GOD TOOK MANY THINGS FROM ME, BUT GOD DOES NOT FORGET ANYONE, AND GOD WILLING, HE WILL MAKE UP FOR IT, BEBCAUSE GOD IS JUST.’’  

Drawing was my hobby, it was my soulmate, my friend, my inner feeling to what I feel, which I discovered was SATISFACTION.
I did three exhibitions in my short life time, in 2007, 2009 and 2011. At the end of each exhibition, I donated half of the revenue of the sale of my drawings to Kasr Al Aini governmental hospital for research and for the purchase of medical supplies and toys for EB children who can’t afford these things.
I lived 15 years of joyful life but the disease was stronger than me… there was no cure, at the end there was a lot of pain from wounds all over my body.

                   YASMIN LEFT TO HEAVEN ON SEPTEMBER 28th, 2012 

                                               WITH A TRUE LEGACY