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At school

Yasmin decided to leave school year 2011 because she felt she can’t continue attending classes as she is most of the time tired and absent. The school realized Yasmin became tired , therefore they decided to excempt her from attendency and exams and told her to attend whenever she feels she was capable.
In 2012 , Yasmin became tired and can’t handle the pain of her wounds , when she read about EB and knew there is no hope or any cure, she was depressed and wanted to leave this painful world.
By September 28th,2012 , Yasmin left to heaven leaving a lasting legacy .
The School made her a memorial event talking about how brave she was fighting this awful disease.


At El Sawy Cultural Wheel Center

Also, Al Sawy Cultural Wheel Center made her a touched memorial event and Eng. Mohamed el Sawi announced that every year starting 2014, there will be a drawing competition for children from age 5 till 15 years old under the name of Yasmin El Samra’s Fine Arts.