About Yasmin’s EB foundation

After Yasmin passed away in 2012, I established a charity foundation in 2014 under her name because I felt that Yasmin had a mission and I should continue her mission.
I started with 20 EB cases, now in 2019, I reached over 120 cases of both genders and ages varying from simplex to recessive dystrophic EB referred to me through dermatologists and media from all over Egypt and other Arab Countries..( Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Syria).
Yasmine ElSamra Charitable Foundation supports and helps children with Epidermolysis bullous patients in Egypt and some Arab countries to relieve their pain, educate their families and provide medical supplies that are not covered by health insurance.
It also bears all the expenses of the operations and tests that EB patients need.
In essence, support is a noble and positive attitude towards the difficult life of the patient and assistance is nothing but participation and commitment to the moral support of their relatives.

The fields of giving have no boundaries, as they accommodate all aspects of life. It is the hope for the less fortunate families.
Thank you for your continuous support to Yasmine ElSamra Charitable Foundation.
While searching in Yasmin’s drawings, I found a beautiful butterfly sketched by Yasmin. I decided immediately that it will be the foundation LOGO.