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Drawing exhibitions

School or No School, That was the Question

When Yasmin was at the age of three, she started making puzzles and was so good in matching colours together. By the age of five she started imitating cartoon drawings and drew it so perfect.
She got boring and tried to drew her own style according to her imagination by the age of six.
I was so proud and encouraged her to do more . I discovered she did almost 70 nice pictures on A4 drawing sketches, I told her that she can make her own exhibition. She looked at me and said what is an exhibition!!
I took her to several exhibitions for well known artists, but it was too difficuilt for her to understand their way of drawing.
At that time, there were no exhibitions for young children.

Therefore, we decided to arrange her first exhibition when she was 9 years old the year 2007.
The question was where, when, and how….
I went to Eng. Mohamed el Sawy who is the owner of El Sawy Culture Wheel which is an all-purpose , private cultural center, located on Gezera Island in the Zamalek district, central Cairo – Egypt to ask him for a place to display Yasmin’s paintings. He was surprised to see such a young girl with a nice paintings, then he offered her a Hall in the place free for ten days.
I thought of inviting a well known artist to inaugurate yasmin’s first exhibition, I invited The famous artists Dr. Moustafa Elrazaz and Mostafa Hussein who were so impresseved by Yasmin’s drawings.
It was a very success exhibition, Yasmin was so proud of what she achieved and could not imagine that she became the youngest artist in Egypt.
She decided not to sell her drawings to friends , relatives and others who attended the exhibition, therefore, I decided to print calanders with Yasmin’s drawings and sell instead.

With the money of the calenders, we decided to donate to Kasr El Aini Governmental Hospital – Dermatology Department to help in EB researches and at the same time , we bought some gifts to poor EB children at the hospital.
She was so anxious to do another exhibition, therefore we decided to do another one by the year 2009 and her third and last one was by the year 2011.

During her three exhibitions, she was keen to make awareness about her disease and how she lived with it.
There were a lot of media and newspapers who focused on Yasmin’s talent and challenge .
After her last exhibition, she went through a depression mood , and quit everything she loved..and it was her way to say good bye….