Contacting doctors

Services of foundation

I sat with myself thinking and thinking
I asked myself what is happiness and satisfaction !!!
I felt it was a very difficult question to get an answer but it is not impossible …..
First of all .. God’s satisfaction on slaves De Shi important … and know Azai !! .. Experiences in your life …. (Health..miles … children … etc) ..
Second: the scourge … how will you face if it hits you?
Thirdly … patience in the ordeal … how will you act to plead God’s satisfaction in His test.
Fourth: Happiness .. It is the happiness of those who need you, and it is a means .. And if you are this means .. Know that this satisfaction of God Almighty …
When I see my children and the eyes of the children of the skin of the bubble I see love and happiness as I see it in the eyes of my daughter Yasmin God’s mercy on them … This is my heart …
I love you, O God…..
Yasmin elsamra foundation direct EB families to go to specialized doctors in different branches that can deal safely with EB children.
Some of them takes half investigation fee and others are for free.
We are in contact with:
– dermatologists
– ophthalmologist
– analysts
– surgeons (hand and feet)
– pediatrician
– orthopedist
– Psychologist
– nutrition
– anesthesia
Also , we sign protocols with several hospitals to have the benefit of good prices and services being aware of the situation of EB children.