Aim of foundation

About Yasmin’s EB foundation

Our Mission
Yasmin ElSamra Charity Foundation was established in February 2014 with 10 cases referred to me through dermatologists.
We care, serve and offer awareness sessions to mothers of Epidermolysis Bullosa children in Egypt.
Currently we have reached more than 120 cases, newborn babies to 35 years old patients who are referred to the foundation
Epidermolysis Bullosa is a rare skin disease that is not covered by health insurance in Egypt.
We cover the cost of hospital fees for hand surgeries, tooth decay treatments, eye problems, blood analysis and transfusions, medicines after referring the EB patients to specialized doctors who can deal with their fragile skin internally and externally.
Doctors offer their treatment pro bono.
In addition, we organize outings and birthday parties to give joy to the EB children and their families because we felt this will reduce their pain, their loneliness and will make them enjoy their right to live happily.
We teach them some crafts that they can practice on their own then we invite them to participate in charity bazaars to earn their own money.
We give them drawing classes and let them participate in Yasmin ElSamra drawing competition that is held every year at El Sawy cultural Wheel.
We also help adults to start a small business to manage on their own.

Our vision
To spread awareness of Epidermolysis bullosa rare skin disease to families with EB children in order to prevent their children from reaching disability status as they grow older.
To spread awareness of this disease for the general public through media, press, schools, universities to help them understand that if they meet an EB fighter, not to cringe but to try to be supportive and cooperative and to know that it is NOT a contagious disease.
To teach nurses at governmental hospitals how to deal with EB children and care for them gently.
To try to establish branches of Yasmin ElSamra foundation in every city in Egypt.
Finally, hope for a CURE in the near future to end their suffering.