Yasmin’s Message

My name is Yasmin ElSamra, I was born in 1997, I am Egyptian.
My mother Hanaa ElSadat and I prepared this website so that I can tell you all about my life and the things I did. My mother will also tell you about our experience with Epidermolysis Bulllosa (EB), a rare skin disease I was born with that caused severe problems with my skin. Very few people have this disease and that is why not many parents know about it, especially about how to deal with it. It is a lot of effort but my mum and I do not let it stop me from having fun and doing the things that are good for me.
Let me first tell you a bit about me.

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About Yasmin’s EB Foundation


After Yasmin passed away in 2012, I established a charity foundation in 2014 under her name because I felt that Yasmin had a mission and I should continue her mission.
I started with 20 EB cases, now in 2019, I reached over 120 cases of different genders and ages varies from simplex to recessive dystrophic EB referred to me through dermatologists and media from all over Egypt and other Arab Countries..( Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Syria).

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